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Flat Feet Crowd Control Barriers

  • Min. Order:20 Twenty-Foot Container
  • Date of Delivery:30 days
  • Payment Type:T/T
  • Port:Tianjin,Xingang
Xin Hui Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Hebei, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 0%
Main Products: Fence
Model No.: Temporary Fence Brand: QIANGREN Place of Origin: China
Packing: In Pallets, Woode...

Flat Feet Crowd Control Barriers

Feet Type: Flat, removable

Surface treatment: Galvanized or silver painted

Material: Steel Tubes & Steel Plates

Product Description :

XINHUI METAL PRODUCTS provides high quality Crowd Control Barriers

Our metal crowd control barriers are made of high quality galvanized steel, and have been designed to provide a temporary safety barrier. Crowd control barriers are ideal for supplying pedestrian traffic management in busy or heavily crowded areas. The steel barriers are completely reusable and are most commonly used for outdoor events such as music festivals and football matches.



Crowd-control barriers are ideal for securing admission areas at concerts, sporting events, street festivals, and other high-crowded gatherings. They can also be used to fence in entrance areas, section off sales booths, or create spectator pens to safeguard against potentially dangerous crowd surges.



Our crowd control barriers are fully galvanized for extended life outdoors

The sturdy interlocking units snap together quickly and easily and are compatible with our mobile fencing, demarcation barriers, and security gates.

Featuring double interlocking hinge points, this crowd control barrier provides excellent stability. The interlocking hinge system makes installation quick and easy, and panels are designed with removable feet that can be taken off during stacking and storing.

Low intrusion feet also reduce the chance of pedestrian trips & falls, and they come with pre-drilled holes for bolt-down applications.

Our crowd control barrier is fully welded, hard wearing, lightweight and easy to install.

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